You Must Blog to Be a Blogger?

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Okay, it’s been a while. My dog ate my blog posts. Nah, I can’t lie to you. I got a little wrapped up in Instagram lately FOLLOW ME, PLEASE @dontreadintoit. Apparently it’s best to blog to maintain “blogger” status?

I was reaching a point of exhaustion in the job hunt, along with a poorly-timed relationship with a guy who didn’t know we were in a relationship (it’s a theme of mine; if any of you ladies want to patch things up with the ex, send ’em my way and they’ll come crawling back to you. Rates negotiable.) For two weeks, I had this crazy anxiety I couldn’t find the source for – that gut feeling (ADVICE – FOLLOW IT). After weeks of tricking myself into believing I was upset about my lack of job, I decided to test things out to see if it was the relationship. After far too long, I asked if he saw it going anywhere – he responded by telling me he still has dreams about his ex. Good call, gut.

I’m no expert (see above), but I think relationships are more simple than people make it out to be (romantic, friendships, family). Joanna Goddard of A Cup of Joe posted advice her sister gave her. Mark Manson posted similar advice. In essence, life’s too short to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with you – a person either likes you or they don’t. You do you.

A week later, I got a job offer (which I start TODAY!). Coincidence? Perhaps. A good lesson nonetheless. Make room in your life for good things to happen.

Have a lovely week!


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