Waste No Space – High Heel Holder

jewelryLiving in a studio apartment, you have to get crafty with storage. The unused space at the top of my closet was keeping me up at night, so I did something about it. I don’t wear heels often (tragic knee injury), so this solution made sense for me. If you have a free wall and sexy heels, this could make a cool display in a walk in closet or bedroom.
heels I used these curtain rods – just be sure whatever you use, your heels will balance. My first curtain rod was too close to the wall. I bought extra brackets to support the middle of the rod (the heels add up fast and get heavy.) jewelrytree With my heels on the wall, I have room to show off my jewelry holders! The one up top is a vintage plate stand I … spray painted (I know, predictable.) The jewelry tree above was also a vintage find. I spray painted it gold, as well (OKAY YOU KNOW THAT’S MY THING.)

Enjoy your week!

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