Reminiscent Melodies

I adore this song by City and Colour (suggested by our music correspondent, Jamie). (listen here) The changes in tone throughout the song tell a story. It reminds me of my time in Europe. Okay, that’s a bit vague; I provided pictures: ||| enjoy your weekend! – R |||

New Home & Afternoon Tune

I’m finally moved in to my lovely apartment in chicago! it’s been a long week, so we thought we’d share this lazy afternoon tune by The Lumineers: After a lengthy (but fun!) process of departing Europe, holiday celebrations and moving into a new place, it’s time to enjoy the city again! We’re checking out the more »

Or So We Heard

My good friend, Jamie (our unofficial music aficionado), will have the pleasure of seeing this lovely band this very evening: Mumford & Sons, a British folk band (aren’t they adorable?), recently released their first single of their highly-anticipated album, “Babel”,  September 24 (more info on their site). The song is appropriately titled “I Will Wait”, as more »