New Year, Same You

Hi! Wanted to let you know, you don’t have to radically change your life just because some Roman decided to make a calendar based on the moon and the tides and his sister’s period or whatever. You really don’t have to change. You can, and I totally support you (maybe just in spirit, I really don’t have the time), but you don’t HAVE to change. What I find more helpful than the “I’M NEVER GOING TO EAT GLUTEN AGAIN” resolutions is goal setting.

“If you have more than three priorities, then you don’t have any.” – Jim Collins

Try to focus on three areas of your life you’d like to improve over the course of the next year (or until your next birthday, or until you move, or until you’ve reached the results you desire). For example, in 2015, I would like to:
1. improve my comedy skills
2. advance my career
3. increase my presence in the blog world

Now, determine a few things you can do THIS MONTH to reach your previously set goals. A task you can control; “working out 3 times a week” rather than “fit into my prom dress.” For example, in January, I plan to (relative to each goal above):
1. research comedy classes to take, perform at 3 open mics, write one detailed/humorous life story
2. connect or reconnect with 2 people in a related field, read 1 book (this may sound impossibly easy to some, but I hate sitting still), determine 3 routes for current business idea
3. connect with 1 Chicago blogger, compose 2 posts (look! I just wrote one!), go on a photography excursion after learning a new skill online

See?! Not so bad, and likely stuff you were going to do anyway.

I promote my blog most on Instagram and follow many talented Chicago bloggers and photographers. I find myself often envying their perfectly styled, natural-lit, aerial view photos. I have to remind myself I’m not a professional photographer nor a style blogger, chef, mixologist, or hipster.

“Good for her, not for me.” – Amy Poehler

Knowing you’re working on your goals and doing the best you can also helps halt the comparing; especially if you’re a blogger or hold a lot of weight in social media. A guy once told me a girl should only wear her hair in a ponytail if she’s going to the gym, otherwise she must not give a shit. Social media is sort of like stupid boys. Makes you feel self conscious, but really, you know it’s not true. Here’s a lovely post on why your life doesn’t have to be a Pinterest board. Throw your hair up in a pony & read away!

These are your goals! You can change them at any time you wish, and never have to justify it to anyone but yourself. I reduced my open mic goal this month from 5 to 3 – whatever you feel is reasonable! Share your goals with your close friends so they can help you! One friend of mine wants a portrait taken this month to use on LinkedIn (my photography project) and another wants to read the book I’m reading (#GIRLBOSS, my book of the month), which both help motivate me rather than pressuring me.

Best wishes in the new year!


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