Mental Staycation

Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland

Trinity College in Dublin, IrelandAs I prep for my trip to Boston this week, I am reminded of a thought I had when my friend Maggie (pictured above talking to our Couchsurfing host at Trinity College campus in Dublin) visited last month: Why are we social butterflies when traveling?

While at Burwood Tap, a neighborhood bar, Maggie wanted to see what was on the jukebox, so she… joined the next guy who approached it and helped him choose a song. While doing so, she began talking to the group of girls next to the jukebox. She returned to our table, sat for a moment, and said “those girls seem really cool; I’d like to talk to them again” … and then she did just that.

Why was this so shocking to the rest of us at the table? Why was it so absurd that she would go continue a conversation with seemingly nice people? Are we all so afraid of a conversation going poorly that we can only bear the thought when in an unfamiliar city with people we will likely not see again?

Give yourself a mental staycation this week. Spark a conversation with someone on the bus (CRAZY, I KNOW.) Say “good morning” to people on your way to work. Go up to the fun group of people at your favorite bar and INTRODUCE YOURSELF. Be a social butterfly like Maggie and pretend you’re on vacation. Most importantly, be kind and enjoy yourself!

Have a great week! Can’t wait to tell you all about Boston when I return 🙂


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