Not Britney Spears | Not Yet a Woman

to clarify: this post is not to compare myself to britney spears, although that gives me an excellent idea for another post. i recently referred to myself as a teenager, which i’m not. then it hit me – why don’t i consider myself a ‘woman’? Below are the reasons I’ve come up with so far: more »

Love What You Do

you know when you occasionally get caught up in… life? well, that’s where i’ve been the past few weeks. living. i attended a free seminar at next door cafe last wednesday, “dream first, job second” with Laurel Donnellan from Bright Livelihoods. by creating a passion profile, others (who i had never met) were responsible for more »

Thou Shall Not Want | Curly/Straight Hair Fight

we’ve all been there. if you have pin straight hair like tara and i, you want curly hair. if you have pin-let curls and can pull off a perfect updo, you want straight hair. i’ve always had a problem finding the right shampoo: until now. recently, i found a new salon in chicago, penny lane. adorable studio, more »

Or So We Heard

My good friend, Jamie (our unofficial music aficionado), will have the pleasure of seeing this lovely band this very evening: Mumford & Sons, a British folk band (aren’t they adorable?), recently released their first single of their highly-anticipated album, “Babel”,  September 24 (more info on their site). The song is appropriately titled “I Will Wait”, as more »