You Must Blog to Be a Blogger?

Killarney National Park

Killarney National Park

Okay, it’s been a while. My dog ate my blog posts. Nah, I can’t lie to you. I got a little wrapped up in Instagram lately FOLLOW ME, PLEASE @dontreadintoit. Apparently it’s best to blog to maintain “blogger” status?

I was reaching a point of exhaustion in the job hunt, along with a poorly-timed relationship with a guy who didn’t know we were in a relationship (it’s a theme of mine; if any of you ladies want to patch things up with the ex, send ’em my way and they’ll come crawling back to you. Rates negotiable.) For two weeks, I had this crazy anxiety I couldn’t find the source for – that gut feeling (ADVICE – FOLLOW IT). After weeks of tricking myself into believing I was upset about my lack of job, I decided to test things out to see if it was the relationship. After far too long, I asked if he saw it going anywhere – he responded by telling me he still has dreams about his ex. Good call, gut.

I’m no expert (see above), but I think relationships are more simple than people make it out to be (romantic, friendships, family). Joanna Goddard of A Cup of Joe posted advice her sister gave her. Mark Manson posted similar advice. In essence, life’s too short to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with you – a person either likes you or they don’t. You do you.

A week later, I got a job offer (which I start TODAY!). Coincidence? Perhaps. A good lesson nonetheless. Make room in your life for good things to happen.

Have a lovely week!


Waste No Space – High Heel Holder


jewelryLiving in a studio apartment, you have to get crafty with storage. The unused space at the top of my closet was keeping me up at night, so I did something about it. I don’t wear heels often (tragic knee injury), so this solution made sense for me. If you have a free wall and sexy heels, this could make a cool display in a walk in closet or bedroom.
heels I used these curtain rods – just be sure whatever you use, your heels will balance. My first curtain rod was too close to the wall. I bought extra brackets to support the middle of the rod (the heels add up fast and get heavy.) jewelrytree With my heels on the wall, I have room to show off my jewelry holders! The one up top is a vintage plate stand I … spray painted (I know, predictable.) The jewelry tree above was also a vintage find. I spray painted it gold, as well (OKAY YOU KNOW THAT’S MY THING.)

Enjoy your week!

Mini Apple Pies (with salted caramel!)

Salted Caramel Apple Mini Pie

Salted Caramel Apple Mini PieSo, it’s almost fall. Blah, blah pumpkin spice latte. Though pumpkin doesn’t thrill me, I loooove salted caramel ANYTHING (except salted caramel pumpkins). Like a small child recklessly driving a Barbie Jeep, it hit me – fall apples are the perfect excuse to consume lots of salted caramel! And so I searched our beloved Pinterest and came across these delightful/personal salted caramel apple pies!

Delicious recipe here via Just a Taste


Multi (re)Purposes


Vintage Trunk NightstandLike many creative minds, I tend to see items for what they could be. The potential for repurposing is thrilling to me. When I set out to find a nightstand, I knew it was an exciting opportunity to repurpose… since the only requirement for the piece was the ability to hold a glass of water and a book. I came across this old trunk, which I imagine was used by magicians, but I have no proof or reasoning behind that theory. The trunk is the ideal height for a nightstand and you can’t go wrong with gold & black.

Trunk Nightstand Bookshelf DIY

Unused space in a studio apartment is just silly. In an effort to clear my bookcase a bit, I made a plan to move my DVD collection into the nightstand. SO EASY: Cut shelf boards to fit the trunk (or have them cut at your local hardware store) and glue small boards to the side to brace the shelves up (I used Loctite Clear Power Grab). I considered re-lining the entire trunk, but chose to stick with the original lining and leave the wood untreated.

#GIRLBOSS Nightstand DIYNightstand adornments: #GIRLBOSS, my newest read (looooving it so far), some jewelry you’ll never find because the bracelet is vintage and the earrings were Banana Republic clearance, a candle handprinted by my aunt, Oh Joy for Target straw, custom Coastermatic coaster and my Vespa trinket from San Gimignano (below).

Vespa on Nightstand

Enjoy the week!

– R

Raspberry Goat Cheese Thumbprint Cookies


Raspberry Goat Cheese Thumbprint Cookies Just in time for Labor Day – raspberry goat cheese thumbprint cookies! I came across this recipe by Two Red Bowls and replaced the blackberries with raspberries I bought at the farmers’ market for added sweetness. The cookies are simple to make, and leftover compote can be used on … well, anything! If it’s any indication of how delicious these cookies are, they’re already gone. In less than 4 hours. Sorry, friends. Enjoy the holiday weekend!