Mini Apple Pies (with salted caramel!)

Salted Caramel Apple Mini Pie

So, it’s almost fall. Blah, blah pumpkin spice latte. Though pumpkin doesn’t thrill me, I loooove salted caramel ANYTHING (except salted caramel pumpkins). Like a small child recklessly driving a Barbie Jeep, it hit me – fall apples are the perfect excuse to consume lots of salted caramel! And so I searched our beloved Pinterest and came across more »

Multi (re)Purposes

Like many creative minds, I tend to see items for what they could be. The potential for repurposing is thrilling to me. When I set out to find a nightstand, I knew it was an exciting opportunity to repurpose… since the only requirement for the piece was the ability to hold a glass of water and a book. I more »

Raspberry Goat Cheese Thumbprint Cookies

Just in time for Labor Day – raspberry goat cheese thumbprint cookies! I came across this recipe by Two Red Bowls and replaced the blackberries with raspberries I bought at the farmers’ market for added sweetness. The cookies are simple to make, and leftover compote can be used on … well, anything! If it’s any more »

Ciao, Spray Paint

You may have noticed I use gold spray paint ALL the TIME. If you know me in real life, you may have noticed I’ve lost a significant amount of brain cells lately. (P.S. you shouldn’t spray paint in a studio apartment with one window just because it’s raining and you live on the 5th floor.) I bought this more »

Apartment Updates

Striped Refrigerator

Loving design and home improvement but renting an apartment is like majoring in fashion and becoming an accountant. You must improvise and find the opportunity for creativity wherever possible. For example, making your refrigerator look like it should be on Orange is the New Black. Below are a couple apartment updates I’ve implemented with dramatic results. Striped Refrigerator: this one more »

Conceited Apartment Tour

Browsing gorgeous apartment tours on Apartment Therapy, Style Me Pretty and the like makes me want to vomit of envy (is that a thing?). To compensate, I am abusing my own blog to boost my apartment interior’s confidence. To begin, I recently replaced my wine bottles & candle sticks with a gold spray painted gin bottle more »